Laura Moves Back to Canada.

Blog 1 of Phase Canada.

This has been the state of my room for the past 2 days, in suburb time (which works out to be about 3 months worth of New York minutes.).

I think everyone understands the concept that you have to make a mess bigger to eventually make it vanish...or make it smaller...or something. When the parents and I got home after our 10 hour drive from New York City, we unpacked the van, and then I couldn't help but begin to tear my room apart.

I grew up a terrible pack-rat. I collected everything throughout my younger years: bottle caps, coasters, rocks, bits of string, shells, fossils, stickers, coins, those copper souvenir things that you make out of pennies, letters, cards, action figures, and ticket stubs. I even had a few Pokemon cards. Its a problem. I had this overwhelming feeling that I would need these items at some point in time or that my collection would be worth a fortune one day...like my Beanie Babies. They're worth about $2 now. 

Through some traveling, and my time living in Manhattan, I learned that less is more. Because, 1. There's no where to put it, and 2. It blows having to move a lot of stuff. Your friends will agree. 

So, in the weeks leading up to my moving home, I would have visions of myself going through all my old stuff, tossing it and giving it to less fortunate children. The purge of my former self. It's refreshing. 
And this is what is currently happening in my bedroom. I am going through my possessions and finding space to put my more recent effects. I have found some 'goodies' along the way though, which I will share with you in my next vlog!

I think it helps to have my New York things in my room to remind me that I'm still me. The present-time, 23 and a half year old, April 2011, me. Not the 16 year old that kept bags of sand, "just in case!", or googly eyes for crafting. Which reminds me I still have a chest in my room to clean out and I actually think its full of sand. Ah. How inconvenient for present-time me.

I'll give you guys a room tour once I have it all cleaned up and snazzy. I still have some My Little Ponies and plastic weaponry to oust.


  1. A Wayne Gretzky card just sold for $94,000. Are you sure 16 year old you didn't know something back then that 23 year old you forgot?