just photos.

Here are some pictures I've taken lately out and around the GTA. Hope you like!


My first Acting Gig!

Last Thursday, I had my first acting gig! Now, when I announced on Facebook that I had a job, news spread like wildfire and everyone I knew was asking me about this "JOB". This left me to explain that YES I got a job, but it was only for a day, so my job search was not over. I think for an actor the job search is rarely, if ever, over.

But anyway, this was an exciting day! I was going to be filming a training video for a Danish pharmaceutical company. I had my costume pieces packed up in my rolly luggage and after wandering around Toronto, and then turning around and walking in the correct direction, I made it to the studio. I had no idea what to expect. But I was determined to give off the air of an acting veteran. Like Meryl Streep. I was greeted, "Meryl! You made it!" My air giving offing was good.

Inside the studio, the production people were all doing their production type duties and I was escorted past the equipment and the green screens to the back room. Again...cool as a cucumber. Next I was told that I could go upstairs to have some breakfast. (Second breakfast.) "Okay!" Upstairs there was a lovely living room type scenario, complete with a candle or two, and on the counter was water, juice, coffee, fruit, granola bars, bagels and  pastries, all lined up in little rows like craft services does. This is something I could get used to. (Since then I've made my mother line up all my food in little rows so that I can pretend I'm on a film set.) But again, I kept my Tee Hee's on the inside, because Meryl Streep would NOT Tee Hee.


Chewy Goes to the Dentist

A couple days ago, Chewy went to the dentist. Yes, he's a dog. And he went to the dentist. 

He's a very well-loved dog.
But, just as you don't care for going to the dentist, dogs also don't. They care for it so little that they have to be put under anesthesia. Yes, our dog basically went through minor surgery so he could have his teeth cleaned. Are we really that image conscious about our pooch? Only partially. Apparently Sheltie's in particular are infamous for terrible teeth and if we didn't clean them, they'd decay and fall out or something. So putting him under was the lesser of two evils.
The morning of, I dropped off little Chewy at the vet's office and would pick him up in a while. 

Six hours later, this dog looked like he had spent a week trapped in a well...or as though he was shellshocked after a few months in the trenches. Poor Chewbacca was so drugged up and disoriented that I'm not sure he even knew where he was, or who I was. But his teeth? Like an Oral-B Commercial.


Laura in the Kitchen: Kraft Dinner

I was making some Kraft Dinner for lunch today and although I never really follow the directions by proper measurements, I still like to look at the directions for some reason.

I noticed that there is a "Classic" Cheese Sauce option, and then a "Sensible Solution" Cheese Sauce, which uses lower fat ingredients to make it more healthy.

This struck me, and I thought...Why is there no, "I'm Gonna Go For It!" Cheese Sauce? Or "Pack on the Pounds" Cheese Sauce? Or "You Only Live Once" Cheese Sauce? Why?

Well, this got me thinking creatively and here's my recipe for "Get Fat" Cheese Sauce:

ADD 3 TBSP of bacon fat (chilled),
1/4 cup of heavy cream,
and the Cheese Sauce Mix to pasta.
Stir until evenly coated.
Fry one pound of bacon until desired doneness, chop and stir into pasta. You may also substitute sausage or ham if desired.
If you want to go all out, sprinkle your cheese of choice right on top.
Serve with a side of garlic bread.

Hope ya'll like my recipe for "Oops, Can't Fit in my Pants Anymore" Cheese Sauce!

Paula Deen would be proud.

Girl Talk: What I’ve Learned From My First Year As A Working Actress

This is my first web-published piece of writing! Please follow the link below on, TheFrisky.com, to take a look!

Thanks readers!

Girl Talk: What I’ve Learned From My First Year As A Working Actress

Would love your comments too!


MAGNUM. what is going on?

There's been a quite a bit of talk about these MAGNUM ice cream bars, which, according to an article I came across in this morning's Toronto Star, "have been a hit in Europe since their launch in 1988."

Yay, ice cream. 

Ivanka Trump was in Toronto last night for a launch party for these Magnum bars. Again...its ice cream.

What's up with the celeb status? Is this going to be the 'Smart Water' of the ice cream bar world?

As I continued to delve deeper into this conundrum, it became more and more disturbing.

If you haven't yet seen the Rachel Bilson Magnum short film, please view now as attached below.


i buy my clothes at the grocery store.

I like saving time. I also like saving money. Who doesn't? Another thing I like, is buying clothes.

But alas, sometimes I'm short on time and money to go out and buy clothes. Well, more so the money thing.

I must have been the person, the President of Loblaws (a giant Canadian grocery store chain) was thinking about when he thought, "let's sell clothes in our stores! Wait, you know what? Let's not only sell clothes, but also accessories, jewelry and makeup too! ha HA! That will really get those women." 
Well, I can't verify that's exactly what he said, but I'm sure it was along those lines. He's a smart man.

One of my favorite things about being at home in Toronto is being able to add to my wardrobe while I'm buying milk and oranges. The clothing line is called Joe Fresh and they have really cute J.Crew knock-off clothes at a J.Crew knock-off price. This is one of our Canadian secrets. 

Usually I have to avert my eyes when I'm shopping so I don't mistakenly find anything I MUST have. "I need these shoes! They're only $8!!" Somehow $8 means FREE in my logic.

But a few days ago, I made the decision to go look at Joe since I hadn't since I'd been back in Canada. I soon found this dress (pictured above) and for $29 I was sold! I didn't even try it on, just put it in my cart and continued my shopping.

I decided to wear it for Mother's Day yesterday and after my sister mentioned it, my grandma asked me where I got it. "From Loblaws!" I said with a smile. "No! Loblaws Loblaws??" "Yup!" Later on I heard her say to my uncle, "Did you know she got her dress from Loblaws?!"

Mission accomplished. Thanks Joe Fresh.

note: For you Canadian ladies...I'm also currently wearing the nail polish and I'm pretty happy with it too. Happy Joe Fresh shopping!


I Don't Know What A Punch Line Is.

punch line
The climactic phrase or statement of a joke, producing a sudden humorous effect.

that's what she said! buh-dum-ch!

I think I may need to take a comedy writing class to work on my punch lines. To strike humor when people least expect it. Like at a funeral! buh-dum-ch! 

No? I have no idea.

Well, I've been commuting downtown to Toronto a lot since I've moved home, and I actually kind of like it. Commuting I mean. I get to take a really comfortable bus, and I like how I can do other things while commuting. I've missed that about New York, believe it or not. Driving's the worst. You can't answer your phone, you can't text, or check your email or read a book, or write a blog, or film a short. All you can do is drive. And check your mirrors. And listen to the radio. Sure, driving has its perks. You get your own space, you can sing, you can talk to yourself, you can pretend you're in Fast Five. But it has its cons, like what I mentioned earlier, and paying for gas and maintenance and parking, and you could kill somebody. buh-dum-ch! Hmm?? Well, honestly, you're probably not going to kill someone while you're sitting on the subway...I guess it depends what time of day and where you are, but I'm just saying, probably! Its not like...woah, sorry I was staring off into space for a minute and BAM, you bump into someone and they're dead. This was morbid. I apologize.