My Mom, The Royal Wedding & I

So, let's talk about all that hype regarding the Royal Wedding. William and Kate. Its been going on for months, right? For the most part I didn't give it much thought, except that I knew it would be a beautiful and extravagant event. And I do like beautiful and extravagant things!

Watching the news a few days ago, they were announcing how LIVE coverage of the wedding would begin at 3am. HA! I laughed. "Are people actually going to get up and watch that?!"
My mother, who's next to me, chimes in, "I am!"

(I left three spaces to show my shock and confusion.)

"Are you serious?!" In which I laugh harder.

She is. I knew my mom liked the royal family, but this went beyond my understanding.

Although, I thought we could just DVR it and watch it later, my mother was adamant about watching it LIVE, because otherwise we'd be out of the loop, the media would barf out all kinds information and we'd hear all sorts of second hand news. And this couldn't happen. Its like the time we missed the finale of Survivor Season 1, and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't avoid learning about Richard Hatch's victory. My mom's dedication amused me, so when she asked if I would watch I said, "Yeah, okay. Sure, I'll watch. Yeah, sure. Yeahhh. Yes. Yes, I'll watch."

So mother woke me at 4am on Friday morning (i know...an hour late...there's only boring stuff at the start), and we proceeded to watch the ceremonies (which i think i watched until 10am, while playing with my new iphone. 6 hours of royal wedding.).

I can confidently say that the leading up to the wedding was MUCH more interesting than the wedding itself. Nothing will put someone to sleep, who has woken up at 4am, faster, than watching a royal wedding. Both Kate and William looked beautiful though, as did Pippa. Pippa looked too good.

Let's talk about the HATS. They were great. I'm not sure what the deal is with English royalty and the hats they wear, but I love it. I hope I have a chance to wear some headpieces like those one day. Perhaps that's how the Canadian news correspondents, who were stuck in Toronto, felt. They weren't even at the wedding, or in London for that matter, but they still wore their hats. It might be their only opportunity to wear something that obnoxious without their friends hassling them. There's a link below to abc news with a great slideshow of some of the incredibly dramatic hats worn by the posh attendees. 


Wewl...jolly good. I fink that's awl I 'ave to saye about tha' then.

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