Appreciating the Little Things

I had a hard time getting up this morning.

I was feeling all emo and thinking about how my life is not really as I'd like it to be right now.

Naturally I wanted to stay in bed and pity myself.

But with my head echoing the wise words of my friends, and through my own experience, I knew I needed to get up, go outside and burn off some steam.

I went biking through all the little bits of nature in my town. 

Three things that make me happy. 1. Biking. 2. Nature. 3. High Serotonin levels.

I get to this one little marshy, swampy pond area that I frequent, and often as I'm riding around I like to perch on this wooden bridge for a while and watch the ducks and other birds. I like how light and carefree birds are.

Today a special treasure was waiting for me...a beaver.

You might be thinking, okay whatever, you live in Canada, beavers flock around like squirrels. But they do NOT. Funnily enough though, this is the second beaver that I've seen in the course of a couple weeks (which have been the first I've EVER seen in the wild!).

I was completely enamored with this beaver. I couldn't stop watching it. He would go swim into the middle the pond, dive down grab some sticks or mud and then come back towards me to build on to his dam. Somehow he managed to bring up handfuls of mud and pack it on to his house. Beavers are so funny. They're like living cartoons.

I feel a bit bad for him that he's not really living in the wild, wild rather than the urban wild, but still, he was completely focused and determined none the less. He had a job to do and he was doing it rather well.

I've been hearing about this book called "The Book of Awesome" (http://1000awesomethings.com/book/) and though I've yet to read it, I like the idea of appreciating all the little things in life. And for me today, this beaver was one of those little things.

I think we all need to have the peacefulness and work-ethic of this beaver no matter our circumstances, because life will probably never be exactly as we want it to be.


  1. Hey..great entry. No matter how small things are, it's how you see it that makes the difference.