My Day Job

I got a full-time job, two weeks ago now. Unfortunately it's not acting on Degrassi...sigh...but...I am now a Receptionist. I like to call it my "Day Job". And I get paid.

Since I haven't worked full-time for a few years, I have felt quite a bit of shell-shock over the past two weeks. Consequently, I haven't been the most pleasant version of myself. Tears clothes and throws car across the street. It proceeds to burst into flames. I think my family feared for for their lives. But eight hours is a LONNNNNGGGG TIME, am I right?! (I am not supposed to count hours though, or it will drive me into a crazy Wolfman rage.) However, one of the other perks about working full-time (other than getting paid. Did I mention I get paid? I think only those in the arts know how fabulous this is.), is that I get weekends off! There will never be a Saturday or Sunday when I will have to go in to work. Today is Saturday and I was not at work. Tomorrow is Sunday and I will not be at work. I like this. 

Is an office job the most thrilling of professions? I'm gonna say, no. But everyone is very kind and I entertain myself by working on my French with my bilingual co-workers. D'accord! 

And there are the simple pleasures, like finding this Justin Bieber life-size cardboard cutout at the pharmacy. You can't help but give a shocked laugh and look around you to see if anyone else thinks that this is insane.

This photo does NOT do it justice. LIFE-SIZE people!!! Its like Justin Bieber is right there. Pre-teens and their mothers scattered over the ground, weeping in front of him. I then break the news that he is only a piece of cardboard. And that the real Justin Bieber is a robot constructed by the Government of Canada to pose as a pop star. Awkward. 

Okay, I'm going to have to tarnish my image and get a picture of myself with him. Yep.

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