I'm A Bag Lady

I carry around way too much stuff. Its so heavy, that in my mind my thoughts dance between how sore my back and shoulders are, and how I'm gonna be RIPPED by the time I get home. Yeah...my arms are going to be ripped off my body. 

This morning I was walking to work down Bloor Street and admiring these women with their trendy clothes and their cute, teeny-tiny purses. As I gazed in awe I yearned for their carefree spirit, their uninhibited walk and their fabulous posture. And there was I, Quasimodo, heading back to the bell tower...Dragging my baggage.

But this week I have been feeling the winds of change, and I thought, "Why can't I be like one of those Parisian-types?" I like scarves. The obstacle? The need to carry around my life on my shoulders.

I now present you The Contents of My Bags:

-4 books
-5 cue cards
-a business card
-5 pens
-my wallet (also full of business cards)
-a water bottle
-an umbrella
-a cardigan
-my keys
-a tupperware container
-a cosmetics bag
-a ziplock bag
-my sunglasses + case
-3 tubes of Carmex...3
-lip gloss
-lip stick
-Oxy Clean stain remover spray
-hand sanitizer
-pressed powder makeup
-some Advil
-my reading glasses
-my headphones
-my iPhone
-hand cream
-Tic Tacs
-Band Aids
-concealer, and
-some Mentos (the fresh maker)

The worst of it, is that this doesn't even count the packed lunch I'd normally be carrying around, my jacket, or my fashionable Parisian scarf, not even to mention my African drum set and family of Sea Monkeys. 

Ladies, I know I'm not alone in this. And I'm determined to change. I'll let you know how that goes. I guess I can start by at least taking out one of my three tubes of Carmex. That really is a little crazy.

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