A Cat Followed Me Home

i found a cat on my porch today.
he followed me home i guess.
and as soon as i saw this cat i loved him.
(at this point, i'm sure my mother reading this is getting pretty nervous)
i don't even like cats-
with some exceptions.
but i had been thinking yesterday about how i wanted a pet.
(at this point my mother would say, you have a pet, he lives with your dad and i.)
and i thought, my goodness, this cat has been sent by God to be my pet.
i played with him for a while and then went inside, leaving him there.
scat. i said. because there's not really another occasion to use this word...other than when you're talking about singing like a- ...i can't even think of a comparison, but thinking about all this buh, bi, bop, bopidoo, bop bop...is driving me crazy.
i told the cat, he better go ahead and leave, because it would take some self control for me not to take him in as my own.
like in tarzan.
i went inside, took care of some business, though i couldn't help but go back and look out the front door a few minutes later.
the cat was still there.
he needed me.
he loved me.
and i loved him.
(mom: oh brother...)
i went back outside and played with him some more.
then i hear someone call over to me.
it's my neighbour, a couple houses down.
"oh you're playing with Sela!"
'this is YOUR cat???????'
"yes, i have three."
(he has three)
he's pretty.'

and you know he still tried to follow me into my house?
disappointment was followed by relief as i thought about all the hair that would be on my clothes and the filthy litter box i would have to clean out.
that cat already had a home.

and i don't really like cats anyway.

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