The Quidditch World Cup

 Last Saturday I went to the Quidditch World Cup, which was hosted in New York this year.

I feel like if that was the end of my post it would be amusing enough, but I'll explain further. The sport, Quidditch, excuse me, Muggle Quidditch, began in 2005 in Vermont, and since it has expanded into a worldwide phenomenon. Colleges from all over North America came to compete in this tournament. Life is FULL of pleasant surprises! I couldn't believe this existed.
So because they're muggles, they didn't actually fly unfortunately. The real sport Quidditch is amazing, so this was a little more disappointing, but also a little more daffy. Basically they run around with a broom between their legs, throwing volleyballs around and running after a person dressed in yellow - who is the "snitch". Its weird, to say the least, but surprisingly really entertaining. The game can get pretty rough; at times players throwing each other to the ground and such. The sport is sort of a blend of rugby, field hockey, lacrosse and dodge ball...I guess.

After the Quidditch matches was a "wizard rock concert". The band was called "Harry and the Potters." (Okay guys, several times throughout this whole evening, I had to make sure I was awake and not in some twisted dream.) The band consists of two brothers who take on the role of Harry Potter at different points in Harry's life, and all of their songs are about the Harry Potter books. Every single song is about Harry Potter. You can tell a lot about a band by the crowd watching. I think that's enough said.
I can't believe there's a market for such a specific band. And apparently there are a bunch of these wizard rock bands! I should start a band dedicated to singing about pizza or something. People like pizza. Or Star Wars. That would be great. 
This band actually had a following. The crowd new all the words to their songs too, like this song about Hagrid...
"Hagrid is fun to hug. Hagrid is full of love. Just don't get stuck in Hagrid's beard."
This song of course has actions to go along with it. I found myself singing and playing along with the rest of the wizard wannabees. Probably because I'm just a big dork too. And yeah, I bought a t-shirt. Whatever.

I'm gonna find a Quidditch team to join.  

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