Some Promising Projects.

So...just the usual. Looking for projects to audition for.
Yeah, there's some great stuff...
It makes me feel really pumped to be in this profession.

No...no, not really.
Take a look at some of my findings. Hopefully they'll give you a laugh.

Barney Live
Riff, 4'3 – 4'9; and Baby Bop, 4'0 – 4'3 - male or female, over 18 years old; open ethnicity; require excellent movers, with the ability to be imaginative and expressive within a full-body costume; these are non-singing roles."

Justin Bieber Celebrity Encounter
(Female, Ages 30+) - We are looking for women to play moms who catch "Bieber Fever" at a book signing. ("Bieber Fever" has a lot of the same symptoms as a real fever...)"

Purina Cat Chow
25-35. People who are passionate and enthusiastic about cats. Must have knowledge of cats and some type of presence in the cat world - blog, articles, works in vet practice, etc. Can be an amateur expert - self taught. Specifically looking for cool, edgy, optimistic people who have an infectious energy." (Actors Access)
Rich Farm Girls, Reality Series
"Project description: "Do you come from a prominent farm family and live a lifestyle to be envied? Are you living on a farm by day, but enjoy the glitz of the city by night? Towers Productions is looking for girls who are living the good life, but in a farm town. If you have all the style, wealth and sass of a city girl, but grew up in a small town, we want to hear from you.""

Addicted to Tanning, Reality Series
"Project description: "Do you go to the tanning parlor several times a week? Are you rarely seen without a tan? Do you feel unattractive or uncomfortable if your skin is not tanned? Do your friends think you're a tanaholic?"" 

Well, things can hopefully only look up from here!

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