I Don't Know What A Punch Line Is.

punch line
The climactic phrase or statement of a joke, producing a sudden humorous effect.

that's what she said! buh-dum-ch!

I think I may need to take a comedy writing class to work on my punch lines. To strike humor when people least expect it. Like at a funeral! buh-dum-ch! 

No? I have no idea.

Well, I've been commuting downtown to Toronto a lot since I've moved home, and I actually kind of like it. Commuting I mean. I get to take a really comfortable bus, and I like how I can do other things while commuting. I've missed that about New York, believe it or not. Driving's the worst. You can't answer your phone, you can't text, or check your email or read a book, or write a blog, or film a short. All you can do is drive. And check your mirrors. And listen to the radio. Sure, driving has its perks. You get your own space, you can sing, you can talk to yourself, you can pretend you're in Fast Five. But it has its cons, like what I mentioned earlier, and paying for gas and maintenance and parking, and you could kill somebody. buh-dum-ch! Hmm?? Well, honestly, you're probably not going to kill someone while you're sitting on the subway...I guess it depends what time of day and where you are, but I'm just saying, probably! Its not like...woah, sorry I was staring off into space for a minute and BAM, you bump into someone and they're dead. This was morbid. I apologize. 

Toronto is pretty cool so far. Very clean. I feel like I'm at Disney World or something. And everyone is quite nice. I hear "sorey's" echoing in my ears everywhere I go. Even the homeless people are extra polite when they ask you for money.

I started improv classes this week! At THE Second City! Pretty cool. I've wanted to do Second City since I was 16 or 17, I think. I didn't even really know much about it...I just knew that was where many of the comic greats began. That's enough for me. I think its going to be fun and that I'll learn a lot. Like, how last night I learned that my instructor used to be a scandalous Santa's elf in Vancouver. Stuff like that. The improvisors here are extra nice too, its seems. For once I'm not terrified! 

HA! Oh New York. You prepared me well. New York, you big jerk...I miss you so much.


No really! I mean it!




Agh. Sorry. My punch lines are really getting out of hand. I just can't control my humor.


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