On Asian Guys Carrying Their Girlfriend's Purses

I've made an observation. Just an observation. A trend, if you will. On a regular basis I see Asian guys carrying their girlfriend's purses (and shopping bags). That's it. That's my observation. But how great is this? Ladies, do you, or do you not want someone to carry your purse for you? Right?

I'm not sure how the Asian ladies swung this, but I think it's the perfect solution to the everyday problem of carrying things. Get a boyfriend who will carry your stuff for you.

Now, I am not the only one who has pondered this conundrum. A blogger on Mooiness.com writes:

"I can only think of a few exceptions when you should hold on to her [your girlfriend's] handbag or purse:

  • She’s trying on clothes.
  • She’s going to a public toilet and she doesn’t want to carry it in.
  • She’s holding your baby."

He's obviously on the defense of men remaining purseless, as are most North Americans I know. (Well, I actually have some really nice guy friends, who would probably hold my purse if I asked...though perhaps reluctantly.) Is asking a man to hold a purse the same as asking a man to put on some suede pumps? It's hard to say. I feel like the reasons not to hold a lady's purse are pretty obvious, but let's explore the positives of carrying your girlfriend's purse:
  1. She'll be able to flounce about unhindered and reach her full beauty potential.
  2. Your girlfriend will love you that much more, and other ladies will think you're pretty wonderful too. (You'll hear, "Babe, why don't you carry my purse?" echoing from other couples everywhere you go.)
  3. You'll get a great workout and feel really strong and manly. (Think of the gym membership savings!)
  4. It will deter muggers from stealing your girlfriend's money. (Who's going to mug a buff man with a purse?)
  5. If you're worried about people thinking you look "gay", don't worry, because your GF will be right beside you looking pretty...and flouncing.
Well, I think I've proved my point that guys carrying their girlfriend/wife's purse is a fantastic idea. Men, you'd be surprised how far confidence goes. Stand tall and proud and change the world, one handbag at a time.


  1. Back in the days, back home- I saw guys carrying their GF's purse. I found it so awkward and so UN-masculine. Girls found it so sweet, but no..(not for me, lol)--it just look sooo gay...hehehe!

  2. Ha Ha. Nice thinking, girls are always after his bfs and make them do many stupid things. This thing is increasing because girls know that their bf cant live without him and get advantage of it.

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  3. I think that it's absolutely wonderful! It's akin to taking your GF/wife on a horse-drawn carriage ride. It's taking a load off figuratively and literally. She'll feel totally taken cared of!...Just consider the immeasurable brownie points you'll earn!!!
    (TrudyLeeGayle xo)