Does No One in Your Social Circle Have a Job?

An Excerpt from "THE FOOD CHAIN" A play by Nicky Silver 
(who I recently discovered is a man and not a woman. So much for girl power.):
Bea: Does no one in your social circle have a job?
Amanda: We have jobs!! We write!! We're artists! We make art. That's our job. People think if you don't make a shoe, or, a desk or something tangible that you're not worth anything. We make something for the soul, something, for the spirit. Is that not tangible enough for you? Your attitude is just symbolic of everything that's wrong with people today.
Bea: I asked a question.
Amanda: A question heavy with the Sisyphean burden of judgement.
Bea: Excuse me.
Amanda: Where was I?
Bea: In bed. 
A piece of my splatter paint cut and paste art. 
Its really cold in New York now. I got cocky. "My jacket is so warm that I keep waiting for it to get cold," I would say. To myself. In my inner monologue. There's really only a month or two on either end of the year that are comfortable in the city. (May, June, September, October) Even in winter, I go from freezing cold to sweating in my giant North Face jacket as I sit on the steamy subway. I'm happy to be inside at a comfortable temperature right now. This all really has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I would share. Its winter. Winter is actually really short here though and soon enough the crocuses will be blooming and the tourists flocking.

I had an audition for a classical theatre company on Wednesday. They perform outside in parks, so the monitor was telling us that we needed to be LOUD, as if we were performing for 2000 people. So mostly all I thought about while I was monologuing was, "BE LOUDER!" "SUPPORT YOUR VOICE!" and things like this. I feel as though I was able to be more grounded and able to use my voice better than the last audition. I just need to be able to do that without consciously thinking about it. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice practice practice!!
Thursday there was another audition, but they sent us Non-Equity folks home. This happens. But I was proud that I dragged myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and went even when I didn't feel like it. That too is an accomplishment.
Friday, nada. So I can finally do my laundry.

Its been a good week. Exhausting though. This lifestyle is certainly one that needs to be broken-in. Looking forward to hopefully a tad of relaxation this weekend, but also some much needed monologue practice to prepare for next week!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. cool! praying for your auditions. i know you're going to shine. i love you so much. see you tonight. i miss you friend