It Was a Snowy Day Today. A Poem.

I awoke to a plush duvet of snow outside my window, and I was bewildered
That I had not realized the severity of this approaching blizzard. You see, I had not
Watched the news in a couple of days, nor had I peeked 
At weather.com for their up-to-the-minute weather forecast.
Slowly, I coerced myself out of my slumber to set about seizing the day.
Alas! In no time at all I had locked myself out of my apartment as I mindlessly
Slunk out the door. "NO! My keys! Oh, my keys!" I had left them inside, and still it was
Not even yet seven. But with fate on my side a magical fairy re-
Opened the gate, and with a fistful of metal, I now continued on my 
Way. As I pushed at the entry I could hardly get through, for
You would hardly believe how much snow blocked my passage. I gathered my strength and I
Dug in my heels and pried my way out to the open-air. The fluff was up to my knees 
And I took great big steps like an ostrich might, sinking in quicksand. I 
Yearned to be elf-like, so I could flit atop the snow, but I suppose I would be forced
To start dieting. I walked on the road, dodging cars as they came, exchanging glances to
Others passing by. Some manage the trudge well, while others fall
Down on their faces, but not without determination to get to their
Aspired destinations. I had conquered a feat when I arrived at the train and I
Yelled a "halloo!" that perhaps I would see Sam Mendes this day.


  1. If we ever have the opportunity to see Sam Mendes, please print that out and give it to him.

  2. Haha love the poem Laura!