A New Year!

I think this is my first blog of 2011! A new year. A fresh start. Its great, but can be overwhelming also. I think I started the year with a tad of excitement, and then my anxiety kicked in and I started freaking out about the expectation of a new year. Time to make things happen!
Haha...and this was meant to be a blog focused on acting, but that seemed to fizzle out pretty quickly, to be replaced by pie making and roller skating. I came upon this woman's blog which is also acting focused (http://www.actressconfessions.com/), but the difference was that it is actually focused on acting. Her motto is to take a step each day toward her goals as an actress. I think thats great!
Well, this year I'm getting over my need to be perfect and being afraid to mess up and going forward one step at a time. Although I'm sure I'll still write about a variety of things, I hope to have a great deal more acting updates to share with you. 

So this week I've set goals and deadlines for myself. Today I need to have my contemporary monologues chosen. I have my dramatic, but still in search for a comedic. Its hard to find really funny writing!! But considering I've been looking for a great comedic monologue for about a year...its time to let go of perfection and just settle for something. This is not life or death. I had a voice and speech teacher who would say, "No one's going to die. This is only theater!" Takes the pressure off. It will be a good challenge as an actor to make any piece interesting and fresh! (See how positive I am!!!!) Yes, so I'm off to the performance library at Lincoln Center today to flip through some plays and see what I can find. Deadline 2: Monologues memorized by Wednesday. I've also sent out emails in response to a ton of postings today also. Its been a productive morning! Lots of auditions to prepare for this week too. I haven't uttered a phrase of Shakespeare in at least a month, so I have some rehearsing to do! (rhyme)
I am also back at the PIT (People's Improv Theater), interning and will be on to my Level 2 class soon. Yes, I know...back at improv. So we'll see how painfully fun that will be. : )

That's the update as of now. Maybe this is a bit boring, but I think its a time of gearing up for great things to come. Just one foot in front of the other.

Happy New Year!


  1. i love your desk. i've started putting up articles and things that inspire me around my room. surprisingly helps.

    see you soon???????????????


  2. Great stuff! Setting goals are important. Not enough people do it.

  3. Oh my gosh, you should see the rest of my room! Haha, its covered in quotes! I agree, it helps a ton!

  4. The beginning of the year is a great time to set goals and be practical. I like the quote "No one's going to die, it's only theatre". I can apply that to everything. "No one's going to die, it's only.....(fill in the blank).

  5. laur! i cannot wait to attend the graduation show again. you were so funny!

  6. Hey! Thanks for mentioning my blog! I think yours is pretty amazing! Keep it up!

    Actress Confessions XOXO

  7. Aw thank you! Not a problem. Keep up the great work yourself!