My Weekend Getaway to Florida

Once in a while, all you need is to get out of New York as quickly as possible. New York. I love it. I hate it. Thank goodness my friend was getting married in Florida over the weekend. Although I commuted at least 16 hours in only two days it was completely worth the trip. I got free Doritos Munchies and Dunkin Donuts tea on the plane! And probably more importantly...I was preparing myself for all the weekend trips I will be taking in the future when I'm a celeb.
When we arrived at the Orlando airport, I felt like I was in some tropical destination; not at all America. It wasn't that it was really hot, but it was not frigid in the least. You know how they say that you can't appreciate the mountains without experiencing the valleys? Well, I'm from Canada, so I appreciate the warm weather immensely!
Tallahassee a la Zombieland
We drove the four hours to Tallahassee, and before the wedding, we dined with the locals at one of their fine BBQ establishments. Pick your meat, pick your sauce, pick your sides. If only all restaurants were this flexible. I could mention the salad bar, but I have nothing to say about it except that I'm baffled by its existence. I am amazed the difference in cultures from place to place. We must have looked like the tourists for once! Maybe it was my black garb, stilettos and lapdog that gave it away. 
The wedding was beautiful, of course, and after no time we were headed back south. 
Sadly, we left EARLY the next morning. I won't lie, I wanted to cry a bit when we got back to New York. But after sulking for an afternoon or so, life called and it was off to a Superbowl Party at the PIT. Like an intelligent friend said to me, this is all part of life; the fun, warm times in Florida, and also the times of hard work, and frustration in New York. Life is full of all kinds of moments, but that's what they are - moments.
Though I will make my peace with NYC, I am keeping my specs on for my next opportunity to head out of the city still. Preferably a beach-bound one.


  1. <3 the zombieland references!!

  2. That's a nice event you've been at. It's been a long time since I've attended a wedding. I kinda wish I was in Florida to see some of my friends there, and go have fun with them. Some of the people I know prefer outlet shopping rather than hanging out together.

  3. Yeah it was fun! Outlet shopping is fun too though!