Laura Goes to Restaurant Week

I love food. I can probably count on one hand the times in my life that I've missed a meal. So, I was pretty excited to finally take part in Restaurant Week after living in New York for two years. Its a great opportunity to try excellent restaurants for a much more reasonable price. My foodie friend and I hiked over to the East River to check out Riverpark. Even though its winter, it really was a pretty view through the large glass windows that covered the eastern wall of the restaurant. We unfortunately, didn't get a spot by the window, but it was a nice atmosphere none the less.
I decided to start with a Butternut Squash and Apple soup and my friend got this thinly sliced Italian ham (I quickly learned that she was much better at ordering than I.). My soup was kind of sour, but her pig was delish! So buttery that you barely had to chew it.

Butternut Squash-Apple Soup
Some kind of Italian ham with blackened toast
Second course I opted for the Lasagna (I really am not sure what I was thinking), and my wise friend got the lamb (2 points Lucy, 0 Laura). My lasagna was fine...but her lamb was quite good...not gamey at all, and came with a nice yogurt sauce. A very Greek tasting dish, I thought.

Lamb with Yogurt Sauce
Luckily, we shared dessert. A chocolate souffle with ice cream and their version of an apple crumble. The chocolate souffle was probably my favorite part, but after the sundae I ate from Serendipity 3 last night (I need to stop eating), it didn't really compare.

Chocolate Souffle with Espresso Ice Cream
Apple Crisp with Custard Sauce
All in all it was an interesting experience. The presentations were all beautiful and unique, but I think I just need to come to grips with the fact that I'd rather a huge serving of something simple but delicious, versus something elegant, but not very practical. Next time, surf and turf.

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  1. Can you believe I've lived in NYC for 6 years and never done a restaurant week? What?