12 Ways to Pretend You're on a Beach Vacation

  1. Apply a good bronzer. (Its okay, men, you'll feel like a million bucks.)
  2. Spray on a tropical scented body spray.
  3. Ask your neighbors to pick up your mail and feed your pets, even though you're still at home.
  4. Wear your swim suit around the house and turn your heat up high.
  5. Play some Bob Marley (or Beach Boys if you must. Whatever floats your boat.).
  6. Make tropical cocktails at the workplace and drink them out of coconuts. Why not suggest a company luau?!
  7. Bring your mask and snorkel to the tropical fish store.
  8. Find an aqua aerobics class at your local YMCA. Wear sunglasses and a sun-hat when you attend, even if its indoors.
  9. Get your hair braided in cornrows, and have them to put beads or shells on the ends.
  10. Make great effort to find a subway car with a mariachi band. Once found, follow them from car to car.
  11. Send postcards to family and friends.
  12. And finally, cut and paste a bunch of beach photos off of Google and make an album on Facebook called, "My Vacation to _________!" (You fill in blank.) Do include captions with how much you enjoyed your trip and all the sights you experienced!
Well, friends, I hope these tips will help to get you through the rest of winter! Enjoy your vacations and don't forget to apply a hefty SPF!

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