Laura Does Karaoke

On Saturday, I went to a surprise karaoke birthday party for a friend of mine. When I looked at the invitation and saw that the party would go on for six hours, I laughed a cynical laugh, and said, "WHAT?!! No way!" Because, how one could sit in a room and karaoke for six hours was beyond me.
The day approached, and I had decided that I would be a good friend and stay for the full duration of the party (perhaps partially because I was still convinced that it would not last the entire six hours.). Apart from Rock Band, or karaoke at friends' houses I was a karaoke virgin. Yeah, I like to sing. I'm no Whitney Houston, but I can usually carry a tune.
So, that shin-dig starts. "SURPRISE!!" Yay, our friend is all surprised and stuff. And the singing begins. Right of the bat, BOOM, Grace Kelly by Mika. That's no warm-up kind of song. But yeah, we rock it. From then on, I am singing the whole night (unless I didn't know the song or I was in the bathroom).

Queen, The Eagles, N'Sync, Susan Boyle, Eminem, Aladdin, Jordan Sparks, Jimmy Eat World, AC/DC, song after song after song. It was intense. It was as if you went into this karaoke void where time stands still and all you want to do is sing. Did my throat hurt? Yeah...yeah it did. Did I get sick? Yeah...I'm sick right now. But you know what? I pushed through and it was AWESOME. Magic was made.
We sang right up until our time was up. Californication, All the Small Things, Breakfast at Tiffany's...and frantically we chose a final song to wrap up the evening...3 AM by Matchbox 20. Ah! It was a good choice. 
Although I was exhausted, I felt like I could have sang the rest of the night. And I did. On the way home. At home. In bed. "She said baby, its 3 AM I must be lonely!" Good times. Good times.
For the next couple of days I kept thinking of the songs I should have sung. As it turns out, six hours was just not long enough.
just might have to go back to rent a room for an hour and take care of my karaoke fix.

Happy singing! : )

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