Laura Gettin' Crafty: Christmas Cards

It's about that time of year to send out Christmas Cards...Festivus Cards, holiday cards etc. I couldn't afford to buy really nice ones, so I bought a value pack at the pharmacy. They were pretty cute, I guess...but I was feeling crafty...and I have a twisted sense of humor, SO...I made, what I think, are some improvements. Hallmark is gonna come knocking on my door any day now.

Please don't take offense. Its all in good fun! : D 

This card was already pretty ridiculous...it was difficult to improve upon.

This is my personal favorite. Oh Santa. What a guy!


  1. Those are freaking hilarious!

  2. These are too funny Laura! Unique sense of humor, i love it. You should sell them in union square.

  3. Really funny stuff! Great job.

  4. These are really funny! I laughed pretty hard at the 2nd one. It's great doing random entertaining stuff like this.

    Rob Novack

  5. LOL awesomeness!!! make moreeeee!!!

  6. I really enjoyed your "improvements" to the greeting cards! They added a much needed bit of whimsy perfect for the holidays. Hope your holidays are great!