MAGNUM. what is going on?

There's been a quite a bit of talk about these MAGNUM ice cream bars, which, according to an article I came across in this morning's Toronto Star, "have been a hit in Europe since their launch in 1988."

Yay, ice cream. 

Ivanka Trump was in Toronto last night for a launch party for these Magnum bars. Again...its ice cream.

What's up with the celeb status? Is this going to be the 'Smart Water' of the ice cream bar world?

As I continued to delve deeper into this conundrum, it became more and more disturbing.

If you haven't yet seen the Rachel Bilson Magnum short film, please view now as attached below.

Tell me that wasn't really weird. I dare you. As far as I know, a good advertisement will make you want the product after you see it. Let me just say that these people are lucky that I already really like ice cream.

But, all jokes aside, from an actor and advertisor's point of view, this Toronto Star article had some interesting points. It discusses the dangers of celebrity endorsements, which I never really considered.
"Peter Daboll (who is "the Toronto-born CEO of California-based Ace Metrix, which measures the effectiveness of TV advertising campaigns")'s firm released a study earlier this year that found that celebrity ads don't perform any better than non-celebrity ads, and in many cases perform much worse."
Daboll says, "You're never going to get payback for the extra $10 million you're spending [on hiring a celeb]. If you go with Joe unemployed actor and make the campaign more creative, that's a better option."

Peter Daboll...I couldn't agree with you more.

Hopefully more advertisers will catch the drift and we unemployed actors will be the fresh new faces of the next ice cream bar phenomenon. I can only hope.

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  1. Seriously! I always get creeped out by that rachel bilson ad. And then I always look around to see if anyone else is creeped out by it and no, no one is, because I'm alone in my apartment. *shakes fist* MAGNUM!