Laura in the Kitchen: Kraft Dinner

I was making some Kraft Dinner for lunch today and although I never really follow the directions by proper measurements, I still like to look at the directions for some reason.

I noticed that there is a "Classic" Cheese Sauce option, and then a "Sensible Solution" Cheese Sauce, which uses lower fat ingredients to make it more healthy.

This struck me, and I thought...Why is there no, "I'm Gonna Go For It!" Cheese Sauce? Or "Pack on the Pounds" Cheese Sauce? Or "You Only Live Once" Cheese Sauce? Why?

Well, this got me thinking creatively and here's my recipe for "Get Fat" Cheese Sauce:

ADD 3 TBSP of bacon fat (chilled),
1/4 cup of heavy cream,
and the Cheese Sauce Mix to pasta.
Stir until evenly coated.
Fry one pound of bacon until desired doneness, chop and stir into pasta. You may also substitute sausage or ham if desired.
If you want to go all out, sprinkle your cheese of choice right on top.
Serve with a side of garlic bread.

Hope ya'll like my recipe for "Oops, Can't Fit in my Pants Anymore" Cheese Sauce!

Paula Deen would be proud.

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