My first Acting Gig!

Last Thursday, I had my first acting gig! Now, when I announced on Facebook that I had a job, news spread like wildfire and everyone I knew was asking me about this "JOB". This left me to explain that YES I got a job, but it was only for a day, so my job search was not over. I think for an actor the job search is rarely, if ever, over.

But anyway, this was an exciting day! I was going to be filming a training video for a Danish pharmaceutical company. I had my costume pieces packed up in my rolly luggage and after wandering around Toronto, and then turning around and walking in the correct direction, I made it to the studio. I had no idea what to expect. But I was determined to give off the air of an acting veteran. Like Meryl Streep. I was greeted, "Meryl! You made it!" My air giving offing was good.

Inside the studio, the production people were all doing their production type duties and I was escorted past the equipment and the green screens to the back room. Again...cool as a cucumber. Next I was told that I could go upstairs to have some breakfast. (Second breakfast.) "Okay!" Upstairs there was a lovely living room type scenario, complete with a candle or two, and on the counter was water, juice, coffee, fruit, granola bars, bagels and  pastries, all lined up in little rows like craft services does. This is something I could get used to. (Since then I've made my mother line up all my food in little rows so that I can pretend I'm on a film set.) But again, I kept my Tee Hee's on the inside, because Meryl Streep would NOT Tee Hee.

"Hair and makeup are ready for you now downstairs." Double TEE HEE! (On the inside.) So I went downstairs and proceeded to have my hair and makeup done by a nice lady.

There was  a bit of waiting around until I went in to film my first scene, which was a Wheel of Fortune spoof. I went in, faking my confidence, ready to spin that wheel. I had these moments when I realized...there are all these production people here waiting for me to get this right. It definitely made me want to do well for their sake! So when I told the director that, "No, I don't need to rehearse my one line before we shoot this scene," I suppose I was thinking of the crew and their precious time. Precious time that we ate into moments later after I spun the wheel too hard and they had to put it back together. Rehearsal. Did I learn nothing in theater school?? Meryl never would have done that. But don't fret. I got it down.

The rest of the day, I did various costume, make-up, and hair changes, and got to play a bunch of different game shows (each scene was based on a different spoof). And I LOVED every minute of it! I had these crazy moments when I'd be on the set and I'd stop and look around and think, "What am I doing here?!" I still can't believe that I get paid to do stuff like this. I guess they call it, acting. I get paid to be silly and be an actress! That's unreal. Even typing it now it seems ridiculous. But hey, I'm glad I'm doing it! 

I went home exhausted and very happy that night. I can't wait to hopefully get more work soon!


  1. Congrats Laura, hope you get more work soon (;

  2. Way to go, Laura! I definitely would have broken that wheel too...the important thing is that you kept your Meryl cool.

    Very proud of you,
    - Sis-tah