i buy my clothes at the grocery store.

I like saving time. I also like saving money. Who doesn't? Another thing I like, is buying clothes.

But alas, sometimes I'm short on time and money to go out and buy clothes. Well, more so the money thing.

I must have been the person, the President of Loblaws (a giant Canadian grocery store chain) was thinking about when he thought, "let's sell clothes in our stores! Wait, you know what? Let's not only sell clothes, but also accessories, jewelry and makeup too! ha HA! That will really get those women." 
Well, I can't verify that's exactly what he said, but I'm sure it was along those lines. He's a smart man.

One of my favorite things about being at home in Toronto is being able to add to my wardrobe while I'm buying milk and oranges. The clothing line is called Joe Fresh and they have really cute J.Crew knock-off clothes at a J.Crew knock-off price. This is one of our Canadian secrets. 

Usually I have to avert my eyes when I'm shopping so I don't mistakenly find anything I MUST have. "I need these shoes! They're only $8!!" Somehow $8 means FREE in my logic.

But a few days ago, I made the decision to go look at Joe since I hadn't since I'd been back in Canada. I soon found this dress (pictured above) and for $29 I was sold! I didn't even try it on, just put it in my cart and continued my shopping.

I decided to wear it for Mother's Day yesterday and after my sister mentioned it, my grandma asked me where I got it. "From Loblaws!" I said with a smile. "No! Loblaws Loblaws??" "Yup!" Later on I heard her say to my uncle, "Did you know she got her dress from Loblaws?!"

Mission accomplished. Thanks Joe Fresh.

note: For you Canadian ladies...I'm also currently wearing the nail polish and I'm pretty happy with it too. Happy Joe Fresh shopping!


  1. Love Joe Fresh! Did you know they now have free standing stores too - I think there is on in Vaughn Mills. It's not quite the same as getting it and groceries at the same time but still lovely items for lovely prices!

  2. Oh, I did not know! I bet they have even more selection! :)