Laura Searches for a Job

Guys! This whole, looking for a (paying) job thing, is really hampering my online blogging/vlogging productivity. But hey, this is life, right?

In spite of this, I did spend some time this week brainstorming some new ideas for my website, which I'm really excited about. I reckon that in most endeavors, you eventually get to a point when things run a bit dry and you have to stop and reassess. So reassessment is happening. 

My MacBook and I have become even more intimately acquainted over the past few weeks as we rarely leave each others side. Or front. I've been constantly looking for work and editing and re-editing my resume. Job hunting is a lot of work, but its exciting too. A new opportunity, new people to meet, new employee discounts to take advantage of. Note: Beware the initial shock of working retail and wanting to buy EVERYTHING. They might as well pay you in clothing and shoes. Not good.

Today I had a five minute interview at one of our lovely Canadian-to-the-core retailers. You have to hustle in a five minute interview. One question I really should have prepared, and one that YOU should prepare immediately is, "So, tell me about yourself." Agh. I was reading just last week about that exact question in this Acting book in regards to an agent interview, and you think I could remember what I read? No, of course not. So I just blathered on about how I'm an actor and I'm a super excellent individual, as I gasped for air; the resulting combo of nerves and having to walk up two flights of stairs immediately before the interview started. But in five minutes there is no time to catch your breath. You suck it up and push through. 

 "What do you know about our company?" Good thing I had reviewed their website. "Well," gasp gasp, "I" gasp gasp, "think its," gasp, "just great" pass out on floor. Good answer.

Well it obviously didn't go too terribly because I have a second interview on Monday. Six minute interview. JK. Really, I have no idea. All I know is that I have to figure out another nice, but not too nice interview outfit for Monday. We'll see!

On other news. I'm an old woman. Platform: I signed up for a triathlon (which I'll elaborate on at another time), so I've been in training. I wouldn't say I'm an ATHLETE by any means, but I'm sure I could outrun the average joe. Our pool got opened this week, so the swimming portion of my training has begun. I absolutely love swimming. Last time I went I was considering how I think its on my top 10 favorite things list. That's a big deal. But with swimming, you don't really know if you've been swimming too much until maybe the next day...definitely after a couple days. Your body feels it. THEN, on Wednesday night I went to go play a "fun" game of soccer. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but I got WORKED! Now, its Friday, two days later, and my whole body has seized up. I hurt everywhere. I'm not even walking up escalators. I just stand there with the lazy people. I think its funny how sore I am, but kind of terrible at the same time. How am I gonna feel when I'm 60? 100?? 125???

Well, have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget about your Daddies on Sunday! I'm building my Dad a canoe. What are you doing? 

No...I'm not, really. But you should.


  1. I would ACE the IKEA job interview. Can I make a career out of putting lazy people's furniture together?

  2. HA! You would! Actually you can.