Spring is Near!

It was an beautiful, spring-like day in New York City yesterday! The weather-people said it would be a high of 68F (that's 20C for the rest of the world), but on my handy dandy Macbook dashboard, it said that it was 76F at the moment I wrote this. i.e. 4:30pm on Friday.
When I had found out earlier this week that the weather was going to be so warm, I made a point of preparing; Grooming, if you will. Winter legs and winter feet should not be unleashed under any circumstances until being primped. And I had decided that I was going to pull out my flip flops and my spring dresses. I lost sleep painting my toe and finger nails Thursday night, though I knew I needed to get up early for an audition the next day. I was committed, people. (Probably committed in the wrong way...now that I think about it. Eh, it was worth it.)

So, at just after seven o'clock on Friday morning, I was walking to the train with a smile, sporting my purple Havaianas, my flowery dress and $5 fake RayBan sunnies. All the while I walked past others wearing winter hats, down jackets, UGG boots and scarves. Now, I knew that later that day, one of us would be sorry for our wardrobe choices. And it wasn't going to be me. Sure, it was a little chilly that morning, but one thought kept me going: I AM CANADIAN. On the school ground, in Canada, when the temperature reached the teens (60s for team America), we pulled out the shorts. That's how we roll. And no amount of snow is going to stop that.
I did have the last laugh, as I'm sure you've gathered. IDIOTS!! Ha HA! It was gorgeous out! The New Yorkers were back to their ultra-trendy selves and my feet were happily free from their boots at last!

And there was much rejoicing. yaaaay.

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