Things I like: Puffins

Time for a bit of product placement. Or really,just advertising. 
I went to a premiere party for a new web series that's coming out, and because one of the characters in the show loves cereal, they gave us a free box of cereal in our goodie bag. Not just any cereal. Puffins. Not the bird. The cereal. Peanut butter flavour. I was skeptical. It looked healthy and not good. But my first bite changed my opinion forever. Its delicious. I've almost eaten the whole box in three days. (That really doesn't sound that fast...but really a box of cereal should at least last a week, but more likely two.) And when I looked at Barbara's website (http://www.barbarasbakery.com/cereals-puffins/) I saw that there are a variety of Puffin flavours including Peanut Butter Chocolate. WHAT?! Wouldn't last two days. Just wanted to spread the word.

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