New Jersey, Target Lady and Sparkly Nail Polish

Despite Winter rearing her angry head, yet again, I'm actually having a good week. I'm getting ready to go home for the weekend for my lovely Grandmother's 90th birthday party! 90!! Of all the birthdays, Thanksgivings and other holidays that I've missed, I think that this is a pretty significant one to attend. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends, and pooch, Chewbacca. Or as my mom sometimes calls him, my brother.

This past Monday was class 7 of 8 for improv Level 2! And can I tell you, I have actually gone to every class. Pat on the back, Laura.

Yesterday I took a little field trip to New Jersey! I still get excited when I cross the border and get to ride in a nice, coach-like bus. It was one of those times where I genuinely wished I had to travel more than 10 minutes under the river. I like road trips. That will have to be another adventure. I went to Jersey in the first place, to visit a fellow blogger/writer (and now, friend), really only to ask some advice and to question her to death. But it turned out to be not just informative, but completely refreshing and inspiring. Sometimes it just takes someone who can see eye-to-eye with you, and then, from their place of experience to say that they see potential in you. That what I'm doing isn't crazy or a waste of time. Such a relief!

I did a little comedy bit at our church "Open-Mic for God" service on Sunday, and people have been very kind. And despite the feeling of terror beforehand, there aren't many things better than being onstage while everyone laughs and thinks you're hilarious. All that to say, I have more hope for my off the beaten trail future, and that is not a bad thing in the least.

After my NJ excursion I needed to go to Target to return half a swimsuit. As I stood in line at Customer Service, I couldn't help think of Kristen Wiig's "Target Lady". There are weird people at Target. I even encountered an Irish woman with a little baby who was very much the opposite of delightful. I tried on a few clothes and stood in the fitting room for about half an hour debating back and forth whether I should buy them or not. I do this a lot. I didn't take anything. I also do that a lot. I browsed around and bought some trail mix and a banana. Then I went to the nearby mall. I walked the whole thing even though it sucked. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Like a Cheesecake Factory or something. Even though I knew they didn't have one. But what if they just put one in? They hadn't.

Today I've been grateful to spend most of the "wintry mix" day inside, in my sweatpants. Back at home, everyone wears sweatpants out...here, usually only the crazies do. I was supposed to do my laundry. Ahhh...laundry. Its not the 'doing' of it...its the carrying my laundry a block away to the laundromat. Sucks. Another day, my friends.

Enjoy the simple things today. Like riding a bus to Jersey. Or wearing sparkly nail polish. 

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